Monday, March 26, 2018

Amstrad CPC Easi-amsword to HTML converter made with javascript, html and css

In 80's, early computers consumers use simple and primitive word proccesors like Easy-amsword, made in Basic, usually included as a gift when you buy an Amstrad CPC464.
Some users make several docs than only this software can read, so now you need an operative Amstrad CPC or an emulator to read them, there isn't a simple way to convert them to new formats... until now.
I make a simple software to convert these files to simple HTML, so you can edit with a new wordproccesor as writer or HTML editors like BlueGriffon.
 Easi-amsword to HTML (source code)

How to install and run

  1. Download from here.
  2. Uncompress this ZIP file in a folder.
  3. Open eamsword2html.en.html file in your favourite web browser.

How to use

To use this software follow these steps:
  1. Select an easi-amsword file.
  2. Click on Convert button.
  3. Click on Save as HTML code, Convert to HTML or See as HTML code.

This software can use original easi-amsword files or the unofficial fork that manages several special characters or some format as bold, italics, overwrite, etc...
This software is under GNU/GPL 2 license so you can get here the source code, you can change to fix to your needs.
I hope it is useful for you to recover your documents of that time stored in tapes and you can preserve them for the future.

Notice: this software may be buggy, if you detect a bug comment in issues section.

If you can't extract your easi-amsword docs from your tapes, look at this.Artículo original en castellano

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