Monday, July 23, 2018

Open alternatives to propietary software (X): web browsers

Any open web browser is the best option to surf in the web with security, especially since the vulnerabilities are discovered very soon and corrected right away, using a private one is like playing Russian roulette.
These are some of most well-know:
  • Mozilla Firefox, one of the more used web browsers in the World. It's a powerfull and secure web browser.
  • Google Chrome another open source web browser, but made by google and apparently it monitors us while we use. There are a lot of people, including myseft,  that doesn't like this circustance.
    But again the advantages of free software are evident in this case, doesn't like how this web browser works? No problem, we made a fork: Chromium... but in this case Chrome is the fork than add spy code.
  • Chromium this is handled the same as google chrome but without that disturbing monitoring and works with most chrome plugins, it is also very fast and secure.
  • Other less known web browsers are Midori, SeaMonkey, etc
All of them are available for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux, in the last case we do not even have to install Firefox because it usually comes standard on all distros, for something will be.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Multi-construction LDraw configuration kit: install tools to make your TENTE and LEGO models in your computer with Ubuntu

Multi-construction LDraw configuration kit installs and configured these applications to create and see 3D models of several construction systems:
  • MLCad 3.40
  • BMP2LDraw
  • LDDesignPad
  • LD4DStudio
  • ldglite_1.3.1
  • ldraw_2017.01
  • ldview_4.3-ubuntu18.04
  • leocad_17.07
  • lpub_4.0
  • povray 3.7
  • Blender

Other resources:

Ubuntu Linux installation

  1. Download this kit in any folder.
  2. Open console and select this folder.
  3. Type: sudo ./

Windows installation

For now you need to install this set manually in Windows:
  1. Download LDView and install it.
  2. Make the folder C:\LDRAW and uncompress this kit in this folder.
  3. Uncompress these set of pieces in these folders:
  4. Uncompress these software in these folders:
  5. Copy in Desktop the files of this folder C:\ldraw\software\accesos-directos-Windows.
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