Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Manage recalbox from your PC browser: configuration, file upload, virtual remote control and kodi

Recalbox is surprising me every day with its ease of use and power, today I will talk about the wide possibilities of use from your PC browser.

Access to your configuration: http://recalbox.local

You can do here:
  • Configure the Recalbox OS.
  • Upload files dragging them.
  • Monitory the activity and see logs.

Virtual Game Pad: http://recalbox.local:8080 

If you click on Use Virtual Game Pad or input this url in your browser you see an image of a SNES virtual controller you can use like a real one.

You can use it with a mobile phone or tablet with access to your wifi.
Warning: Do not expect a high speed response due to limitations in your screen device.

Kodi: http://recalbox.local:8081 

You are probably asking for Kodi web service, can I use?
Yes, you can, but in recalbox use the 8081 port, and you can access if Kodi is running and the service activated.
So we can access from your PC web browser to your raspberry pi mediacenter, send youtube videos with Send to Kodi or use the mobile like a remote control with Yatse or any similar app.

Advice: If you can't access from these URLs, use your IP instead of recalbox.local
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