Friday, October 27, 2017

jEdit, optimal configuration for programming

jEdit is a powerful editor for programming and we can get more useful making some adjustments in its configuration.

jEdit, best the last version

JEdit version included in most distros are usually very obsolete, so I recommend you uninstall this version, download the latest one from its official web and install this one.
To uninstall it in debian/ubuntu and install the downloaded version type these commands:
apt-get install remove
sudo dpkg -i jedit_X.Y.Z_all.deb

Add the plug-ins you'll need

Add a close repository with these menu options:
PluginsPlugin managerDownload optionsUpdate Mirror List

I add these plug-ins:
  • JDiffPlugins : Compare differences between two files.
  • FTP: open and save local files or files in a FTP or secure server, you can use asimetric passwords.
  • PHPParser: Colourize your code using the syntax of your programming language, php in this case.

Configurations that make your life easier

Access to configurations with these menu options:
UtilitiesGlobal options 
These are my recommendations:
jEdit ► Appearance ► Show splash screen on Startupsave time in startup.
jEdit ► Editing ► Tab widthTap step, I use 4 characters.
jEdit ► Editing ► Indent widthIndent step, I use 4 characters.
jEdit ► Editing ► Soft (emulated with spaces) tabsConvert tab into spaces. So your code will be equal in any editor.
jEdit ► Saving and Backup ► Two stage saveTurn it off to avoid change permission and owner of files when you save changes.
jEdit ► Saving and Backup ► Backup directoryAll backup files in a separate directory.
jEdit ► View ► Always show search barVery useful to quick search anything.
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