Monday, August 21, 2017

Run old DOS games in GNU/Linux with DosBox

We can run old DOS games and utilities with 'DosBox'


You can install it on Ubuntu or Debian from Linux console with the command:
sudo apt-get install dosbox
Make a folder like $HOME/dosutils, and copy all the DOS software, each program in a separate folder.

To run DosBox just type 'dosbox' and  type this command in DOS console to mount C:
mount c /home/yourusername/dosutils

We can automatize the booting of software with $HOME/.dosbox/dosbox-x.xx.conf config file.

This file have several sections and parts, there are the most interesting ones:
  • fullscreen : DosBOX may boot in fullscreen changing this. You can toogle between window and fullscreen pressing Alt + Enter keys
  • [autoexec] : all the lines you put down of this section with run after DosBOX boot, for example:
mount c /home/yourusername/dosutils
If you see that your game runs more slowly than usual yo can increase the speed with CTRL + F12 keys.

There is a lot of DOS games and general software in public domain, free software, etc... for example Champ Games.

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