Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Some of the best native games in raspberry pi

Raspberry pi has many leisure options beyond emulators and kodi, for example, you can play many GNU / Linux games that do not abuse graphics acceleration.

I made a brief list of funniest and fluid ones for our little computer, I group by installation method:

From official repositories

These are the game you can install with the command apt-get install name_of_the_game:
  1. Block Attack, rise of the blocks: Very addictive diamond game, it's hard to stop playing.
  2. lBreakOut 2: arkanoid remake.
  3. Epiphany: Boulder Dash remake.
  4. Ltris: tetris clone, very good.
  5. Pingus: lemmings clone, with a lot of improvements.
  6. Xgalaga: kill alien ships game. No rest.
  7. Slimey Volley: simple and funny volleyball game.
  8. SuperTux: like Mario but tux is the main character.
  9. Tux football: soccer game, similar to Goal goal goal or Emilio Butragueño.
  10. Pix frogger: frogger remake.
  11. Minecraft Pi: Minecraft for raspberry pi.
  12. Eat the whistle: soccer game similar to Football Manager or Yoda Soccer.
  13. PySOL FC: 1000 cards games in one, very good and very well documented.

Install the form retropie

You need to use retropie script to install them:
  1. Giana's return: Mario clone with amazing graphics.
  2. OpenTyrian: amazing kill alien ships game, see how install it and configure.
  3. zDoom: Doom adapted to raspberry pi.
  4. Quake III: another first person shoot'em all game.
  5. eduke32: Duke Nukem 3D adapted to raspberry pi.

Manual installation (binaries)

You need follow the author's instructions to install them, compile them is not necessary:
  1. Hurrican: Turrican remake. Pure adrenaline.
  2. Maldita Castilla (cursed Castilla): zombie game similar to Ghost'n'Goblings, master piece and guaranteed fun.
  3. They need to be feed: Amazing game with worlds with their own gravity where you have to feed a dying alien race.
  4. Air Hockey Arcade: you must put the disc into the goal.
  5. Super Crate Box: a game that will not give you a respite.

To compile them

Compiling is very easy following the author's instructions:
  1. Capitan Sevilla, el remake (Captain S): Another recovered classic game. You are the Captain Sevilla trying to prevent the evil Pr. Torrebruno enslaved the city and the World.
  2. Rock'n'diamons: boulder dash clone with improved graphics (download the source code and compile with the command make sdl)
  3. Lpairs: pairs game, you can change the images always with the same format than original ones.
  4. Vorton: Highway encounter remake, recently recovered.
  5. Stepmania: software to use dance mats.
  6. PyDance: another software to use dance mats.

Java games

You only need java in your raspberry to run them:
  1. The abbey of crime extensum: Remake of one of the most successful Spanish games of all time that takes full advantage of the capabilities of today's computers. It takes a while to boot but then it goes very well.

I want more...

This is just a small sample of the number of games that are available for our gadget, for example, I have not put any of the countless table games that work in luxury.
You can see a more extensible list in this thread in official raspberry pi forum.

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